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Hello! I'm a girl, 22, who loves metal/rock n roll!

Favorite Bands: Metallica, RATT, CKY, Kix, Marilyn Manson, Damn Yankees, Rainbow, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Def Leppard, Avenged Sevenfold, Slayer, Cinderella, Skid Row, Megadeth, My Darkest Days, Guns N Roses, Lizzy Borden, Night Ranger, Styx, Whitesnake, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, HIM, Bullet for my Valentine, Scorpions, Dokken, Slaughter, Enuff Z'Nuff, KISS, Warrant, etc, etc, etc.

Fun Fact: I want to bang Keanu Reeves.

Sep 30

Anonymous said: What did Bryce do that was so shady in that gif?

Dragged his foot across the Atlanta Braves A logo.  The Braves and Bryce have never gotten along lol and he’s always booed when he walks up to bat down there.

Bryce Harper: MLB Master of SHADE.

Bryce Harper: MLB Master of SHADE.

richard--trenton-chase said: I agree completely! I feel like those 3 misfit-y type kids were just easy scapegoats for everyone and no real effort was put into finding the person that actually did it, and it's just sad they had to be locked up for so long. terry hobbs is the creepiest person ever and just comes off like the type of person that would some shit like that. he laughed when he was asked whether he hit pam hobbs the night he shot her brother. dude gives me the creeps. & cky is such a trainwreck, I love them though

Terry is SO scary.  Removing all his teeth, shooting that guy, abusing Pam’s kids…I mean he totally did it.  

Yeah the whole thing was just terrible and one of the main reasons I have little faith in the American court system.  Not that any other country is any better, but that whole thing was a complete unfair mess.  And the fact that legally the case is closed because they’re still “guilty”?  So ridiculous.  It’s sad that the only way Terry will go to prison is through private funding.  

God, I haven’t been following things as much lately because it’s so confusing, but I recall Deron saying something like he and Chad were planning to work together again (don’t know how they solved THAT rift!) but Jess was the outlier.  Meanwhile Jess and Matt Deis are buddy buddy again.  And Jess is also basically be a crackhead with Bam in Fuckface Unstoppable.  Such a mess.  It’s a shame because CKY was one of the most original sounding bands of this past decade and their whole vibe was just so cool.  I miss their music.  Literally the only song of theirs I could never stand was Sara’s Mask lol and even that isn’t that bad.

Sep 29

richard--trenton-chase said: you were seriously one of the first people I ever followed on here like 4 years ago or whatever, back when I posted nothing but megadeth and thrash metal and we'd talk about cky, and holy shit it's insane to think about how long i've been following you. I noticed you've posted damien echols, and i'd love to hear your opinion on the case. do you think they are guilty or not guily? everyone is so split on it.

Same here with you!  I think you were like on of my first followers too! XD AND you’re one of the few who didn’t stop following me when I started posting 1D! <3

I definitely don’t think they’re guilty.  I really don’t care for Jessie Misskelley (at the same time I do feel bad having negative feelings towards him because he is legitimately mentally handicapped) but I hate the police department down there much more lol.  I think Damien was a troubled kid who said inflammatory things back then that definitely didn’t help his case, but the whole witchhunt against him was so awful.  And then there’s Jason Baldwin who I couldn’t see hurting a fly.  The whole case is really fascinating to me, especially how it exposed the court system and people’s bias against impoverished people.  None of those guys could afford a decent lawyer during that case and there was just so much wrong with how everything was handled and how they were targeted.  

I definitely think Terry Hobbs is guilty.  I think he’s soooo sketchy and his motive makes a lot more sense then some teenagers committing a satanic ritual murder.  

I think the Paradise Lost movies kinda fucked up with targeting John Mark Byers as the guilty one before Hobbs.  It doesn’t help their credibility but I guess JMB is all good with them these days so it doesn’t matter lol.  He’s a wackjob lol.  

Have you read Devil’s Knot?  It’s a pretty good read on the case, definitely in favor of them not being guilty.  And of course there’s all the Paradise Lost movies (made Sanitarium (Welcome Home) so much more creepy to me!) and West of Memphis too.  I’ve seen sites on the internet about them being guilty, but they’re always focused on Damien and sometimes Jessie and seem to ignore the Jason Baldwin factor.  

Damien is definitely not perfect (for example, I’ve seen people write about how Damien was talking to multiple women in prison and not just Lorri, like he likes to make it sound, but that doesn’t make him a murderer) but I like him a lot and don’t think he’s a remotely bad person at all.  I’ve even interacted with him a bit on twitter and instagram. He’s really cool.  Has great music taste!

Tell me your opinions too!  I normally have no one who follows this kind of stuff to chat with! :)  Also, CKY needs to get their shit together!!!

Sep 28

The best of Jose Lobaton’s selfies from Clinchmas (1/3)

The best of Jose Lobaton’s selfies from Clinchmas (2/3)

The best of Jose Lobaton’s selifes from Clinchmas. (3/3)

Roark’s face though lolol

Rules of the Official F.P. Santangelo Drinking Game


The following are the rules of the F.P. Santangelo drinking game. F.P. is an American hero and the color commentator for the Washington Nationals. 

These rules are up to date as of August 5, 2013.

F.P. isms:

  1. "There Goes the No Hitter" - Drink
  2. "Good Ol’ Fashioned Country Hardball" - Finish Current Drink
  3. Refers to anyone’s head as “The Coconut” - 2 drinks
  4. Calls Wilson Ramos “The Buffalo” - 2 drinks, unless you are currently drinking Buffalo Trace in which case, sip.
  5. Refers to his playing days - drink
  6. Refers to the Montreal Expos - 2 drinks
  7. Repeats the same word more than twice in a sentence - Finish Current Drink
  8. Describes a pitch as “filthy” - drink
  9. Refers to a homerun as a “tater” - 2 drinks
  10. Refers to a random object as a “rally” object - Finish Current Drink. Put on rally cap.
  11. Makes naked ploy for food delivery to booth - 2 drinks and eat something nearby
  12. Booth Shot with F.P.’s hipster glasses - drink
  13. Refers to Bob Carpenter as “partner” - 2 drinks
  14. "Goon Squad" - 2 drinks
  15. Interrupts Carpenter to comment on something/someone in stands - drink



Wow. Just wow. Steven Souza saves Jordan Zimmermann’s no hitter. What a day at Nationals Park.

And then they pelted JZimm with bubblegum!

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