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Hello! I'm a girl, 22, who loves metal/rock n roll!

Favorite Bands: Metallica, RATT, CKY, Kix, Marilyn Manson, Damn Yankees, Rainbow, Motley Crue, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Pretty Boy Floyd, Def Leppard, Avenged Sevenfold, Slayer, Cinderella, Skid Row, Megadeth, My Darkest Days, Guns N Roses, Lizzy Borden, Night Ranger, Styx, Whitesnake, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, HIM, Bullet for my Valentine, Scorpions, Dokken, Slaughter, Enuff Z'Nuff, KISS, Warrant, etc, etc, etc.

Fun Fact: I want to bang Keanu Reeves.

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LOVE this one I took.  Makes Atlantic City look a helluva lot nicer when Kirk&#8217;s standing in the water! ;)

LOVE this one I took.  Makes Atlantic City look a helluva lot nicer when Kirk’s standing in the water! ;)

Orion Fest! Part Two!!!

The next day we went to the beach and just happened to show up right when Rob and Kirk were doing their surfing thing.  Got to see them chat and Kirk was cussing a lot!  <333  Kirk had his hair in a ponytail and Rob had his in a bun!!  Rob’s so cute though, one of the speakers said to let them be while they were in the water since they only had like 30 minutes out there and Rob was like “We’ll still give you high fives though!” :3 

The water was so fucking nasty.  Flat, filled with trash and sludge, and you could tell Kirk was not feeling it at first XD  They both went out and Rob did manage to surf a wave which was very impressive since these were not surfing waves, let alone a surfing beach!!!  They also wakeboarded using the jetskis.  It was really funny and I got some really cool pictures of them.  

The best part though was I was walking back to the car and they were heading back to their van too.  I walked past the van and got in the car and then we had to drive behind them for like a mile through Atlantic City passing strip clubs and what not!  I swear the stalking was unintentional!!!  XD

Then they had to stalk us!  We passed in front of the van eventually so they were driving behind my hoodrat car so they got to enjoy all my bumper stickers (<3333) So fucking funny.  That was a really unexpected and funny thing.  Shows how they’re not divas either since they both were just riding in some plain van with no escorts or anything.  We passed a ton of fans walking by so it was funny knowing that Rob and Kirk are in this van and these fans have no idea.  Makes you wonder who you’ve ever walked by in a car!!  

Another funny thing was some homeless man was at the beach and was like “THATS METALLICA.  METALLICA’S LEAD SINGER AND DRUMMER.”  I was like “no, that’s the guitarist and bassist.” and he goes “NO THE DRUMMER IS DEFINITELY THERE.  HE IS SURFING RIGHT NOW.”  I was like, “Honey, Lars don’t surf, trust me.”  

Back to the festival, let me just say to the people who picked the band order/what stages they play on…

Putting Avenged Sevenfold RIGHT BEFORE METALLICA on a DIFFERENT STAGE?!?!  WHAT THE FUCKKKKK.  Also same with Sepultura, although my rage isn’t so extreme for that. Because I needed rail for Metallica playing the Black Album I was forced to miss Avenged Sevenfold.  We sat at the rail for hours and had to endure Gold Coast (I blame Rob for them) who has probably the douchiest singer ever.  I was the ultimate hater and chose to sit down and nap/play solitaire during their set.  Hate.  I really hate that kind of music.  Basically think Florence and the Machine rip off.  They were worse than Modest Mouse, but they got a better crowd reaction.

Then there was Eric Church who was introduced by James.  I’ve never seen any country live and they were actually really good.  I enjoyed it, although I wouldn’t go out of my way to see a country concert nor would I demand rail.  They ripped KISS off though because the guitarists had smoke coming out of their guitars during the last song.  But yeah they weren’t bad at all.  

Then this fucking BITCH came.  I was standing on the rail next to this other girl around my age (I decided we need to become BFFs) and the midget bitch taps me on the shoulder.  I ignored her at first but then she kept tapping so I turned around.  She was like “Hey!!!!!  Remember me?!?!?!  I was near you yesterday!!!!!  Can I squeeze in there?!”  I was like, no, there’s no room, and she shoved her beefy hand onto the rail anyway and said “They’ll just have to move.”  I ignored her and did not move, but didn’t say anything either because it was just her hand.  The girl on my right was annoyed too.  Then the fucking bitch decides to start squeezing herself in between us and get more of herself on the rail then her hand.  

That ain’t gonna fucking happen.

Through various subtle, passive aggressive, and acrobatic moves, I managed to get her the fuck away from the rail by the time Metallica went on.  I pride myself on being good at keeping my ground at concerts, as well as others who deserve it, like my friend on the right.  I think it’s impressive since I am only 110 pounds.

omg though.  The fucking Black Album live.  OMFG.  So fucking good.  They weren’t nearly as representative of Jason in their video as they were to Cliff, so my hopes of Jason joining them onstage were dashed :’( but whatever.  

Okay they should fucking play all the deeper cuts off the Black Album live more often.  They’re fucking great live.  Struggle Within, The God That Failed, My Friend of Misery, Don’t Tread On Me…they’re all awesome.  I know James doesn’t like My Friend of Misery and Lars doesn’t like Don’t Tread On Me, but they’re great songs, especially live.  Also it was really awesome to see Of Wolf and Man and The Unforgiven live since I’ve never seen those songs live either.  They were AWESOME.

Also, Kirk Hammett is the greatest guitarist ever to exist.  Don’t agree with me?  Too bad, you’re argument is invalid.  

James looks so freaking happy onstage, it makes me so happy!  You can tell he really loves what he does and he’s amazing at it.  Best frontman ever.  Suck it haters.  

Also, several bromantic incidents, including hugs with Rob and James, James and Kirk chasing Rob onstage, and James talking about his and Lars’s friendship <333

I got another Kirk pick and life was friggin grand.  The whole thing was just so great.  They really are the best band ever, I love them so so much.

But I am mad about missing Avenged Sevenfold….grrrrrrr.  Priorities though, priorities.

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 #Make love to the camera

wow this is so embarrassing that&#8217;s a guitar not a banana.  BUT NORMALLY IT WOULD BE SO I STAND BY WHAT I SAID.


 #Make love to the camera


wow this is so embarrassing that’s a guitar not a banana.  BUT NORMALLY IT WOULD BE SO I STAND BY WHAT I SAID.

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